SimChain stands for consistency throughout planning, commissioning and operations of complex supply chains and logistics networks.

  • All structural data can be im- and exported. The model is generated
    with the click of a button.
  • User friendly interfaces for import, visualisation, modification and export
    of structure data.
  • A scenario manager supports the experiment design and the carrying out
    of experiments.
  • Simple integration of external data from ERP-/PPS systems, e.g. with the help of ETL tools (extract, transform, load).

Supply Chain Management

  • SimChain is object-oriented and based on the simulation software Plant Simulation of Siemens plc (Tecnomatix). Models can be expanded easily and adjusted individually at any point in the design process.
  • Naturally SimChain can be operated altogether independently from operative SCM software solutions.

anyLogistix: A multi-method simulation tool for supply chain optimisation

anyLogistix is a unique software for supply chain and logistics simulation. As the currently only multi-method software for supply chain optimization, network design and analysis, it combines traditional analytical optimisation approaches with the innovative simulation technology developed by AnyLogic.

More information can be found at our website: anyLogistix

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