Creating digital twins with the anyLogistix API

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Creating digital twins with the anyLogistix API

Why do you need a digital twin of a supply chain? The answer is simple. Mainly to test optimizations – without affecting the real operation of the supply chain. The architecture of the anyLogistix Server version and the anyLogistix API (Application Programming Interface) help to set up digital twins and integrate real data.

In the latest anyLogistix webinar, Product Manager Andrei Nozhenko demonstrated how the API is revolutionizing supply chain design. Here is an overview of the content:

anyLogistix API and Digital Twins

Connect your supply chain model with real-time data and integrate it with reporting tools such as PowerBI or Tableau.

anyLogistix Professional Server

anyLogistix optimizes every aspect of your supply chain – from strategic to operational levels. It uses logic engines, solvers and databases. Installed on a server, anyLogistix becomes the center of all supply chain management activities.

The user-friendly web interface is the interface to the supply chain data. You can create projects or scenarios and start and evaluate experiments. The powerful API enables easy integration and customization, allowing processes to be automated. Java and Python are supported as programming languages.


The examples in the webinar show how the API can be used to optimize supply chains, from simulation to network optimization.

Conclusion of the webinar

  • Create a digital twin of your supply chain to safely test new ideas.
  • The anyLogistix API connects your digital twin with real data.
  • The API enables seamless communication between anyLogistix and other software solutions.
  • anyLogistix provides flexibility to manage your supply chain at all levels – strategic, tactical and operational.

Watch the full webinar to learn how the anyLogistix API simplifies complex tasks and become an indispensable resource for SCM professionals.

Source: The AnyLogic Company

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