Optimization and analysis of supply networks with SimChain

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Our series: Supply Chain Simulation / Part 2

Optimization and analysis of supply networks with SimChain

Use the flexibility of SimChain to get the most out of your supply chain! SimChain is a simulation tool to secure decisions in the design of supply chains as well as to uncover optimization potentials in logistics. Not only can bottlenecks and savings potentials be identified, but also changes in parts lists can be considered and mapped.

The SimChain toolset consists of the following software applications:

  • KNIME, an ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) software for analyzing and transforming supply chain data into a readable format for optimization or simulation;
  • A Python working environment, if complex data analysis and transformations are to be performed that cannot be represented by the ETL software;
  • anyLogistix, a supply chain design and simulation software from AnyLogic Company;
  • SimChain-BSK, an in-house developed Plant Simulation-based building block library for supply chain design and simulation.

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