anyLogistix 3.0 – a new chapter for supply chain optimisation software


New release: anyLogistix 3.0

The AnyLogic Company has released anyLogistix 3.0 – a new version of its supply chain analytics software that helps design, optimise and analyse a company’s supply chain. You can already download it from the website ( We would like to present the new features here.

Client-server support

anyLogistix 3.0 is a client-server application that allows you to connect to a local server or a server in a private cloud to run experiments from your computer via a browser. The server installation is currently available for Linux.

Desktop installation

For those who prefer offline access to their projects, you can still use a desktop installation (Windows, maxOS).

Modern user interface

Moving the user interface to the web has made it possible to renew and improve the look and feel of the entire software.

Improved performance

The new technologies used in anyLogistix 3.0 have improved the performance of the software. You no longer have to worry about overloading your computer’s memory with data.


Further highlights


PostgreSQL is now the built-in database for anyLogistix. The fact that there is now only one database instead of four has contributed to the performance of the software, making anyLogistix 3.0 run faster overall.

Multilingual support

The interface currently supports English and Chinese.

Improvements in scenario import/export

You can import scenarios simply by drag-and-drop

In anyLogistix 3.0, you can also work on other projects while one of your scenarios is being imported in the background.


You can export data from your project to an MS Excel file. There are two options for exporting statistics from experimental results: either as raw data or as plotted data. The first option exports the source data generated by the experiment you conducted. The second option exports data to an MS Excel file with custom settings (as on the dashboard).

When you create a chart in anyLogistix 3.0, you can see in the preview window how it will look with your data from the experiment results. This helps you present your data in an appealing way and communicate the results.

This is a short list of all the new features. For more information on the changes, see the Release Notes section of the Help website.

Source: The AnyLogic Company

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